Kytun™ Ventilated Ridge Roll 6m - Anthracite

Kytun™ Eco Ventilated Ridge Roll - this is the sealing-ventilation tape to be used on sloping and level roof ridges.

The PP geo-textile used in that kind of tape with UV stabilising up to 6 months is a very highly specialist raw material, which ensures double protection: water tightness and proper water vapour removal.

The underside has a strip of self-adhesive butyl protected by an easy-release backing tape.
  • Highly durable & weather resistant
  • High form & function resistance
  • Fully recyclable
  • Continuous corrugation
  • Up to 30% stretching factor
  • Perfect mouldability on tile surface
  • Ideal centring of the tape
  • Butyl adhesive strips

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