REVIEW - PVC Flexi-Pipe

The following options are available from NorthWest Aluminium:

  • 102mm x 1m
  • 102mm x 3m
  • 102mm x 6m
  • 102mm x 15m
  • 102mm x 45m
  • 133mm x 3m
  • 152mm x 3m
Suits all Slate & Tile applications:  
  • P003210235 Flexi-Pipe 102mm x 1m White
  • P009210235 Flexi-Pipe 102mm x 3m White
  • P018010235 Flexi-Pipe 102mm x 6m White
  • P044010235 Flexi-Pipe 102mm x 15m White
  • P131010235 Flexi-Pipe 102mm x 45m White
  • P009213335 Flexi-Pipe 133mm x 3m White
  • P009215235 Flexi-Pipe 152mm x 3m White

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