Over Fascia Ventilator

Over Fascia Ventilators are an unobtrusive method of providing continuous ventilation in a range of eaves details, including those without a projecting soffit.

Designed to discreetly ensure a positive airflow into the roof space between the felt and the fascia board, making it ideal for new build and re-roofing situations were a 25mm airflow is required.

Made from the durable and strong polypropylene with a 4mm grill which stops large insects or small animals while allowing airflow into the roof space. Available in two sizes 10mm & 25mm airflows.

  • When installing over fascia vents, ensure that it is positioned directly on top of the fascia board with the stop section firmly against the vertical edge of the fascia board.
  • The Fascia Vents are then fixed into the top of the fascia board through the nail holes using 50mm x 3.35mm corrosion resistant nails and then subsequent units fixed continuously along the eaves.
  • Ventilation must be provided for the full length of the eaves and along both sides of the building to create a cross flow ventilation action
  • Simple to fit and install
  • Provides an airway between felt and insulation
  • Superior strength construction will carry the weight of the bottom row of tiles
  • 4mm wide slots comply with BS 5250: 2011
  • Durable and totally resistant to decay
  • Ensure all ventilation requirements are met
  • Maintain integrity of roofing felt at eaves
  • A proven way of meeting requirements
  • Provides an airway between felt and insulation

For the Home Owner

  • Ventilation requirements met
  • Standard product installation for roofers

For the Roofer

  • Standard products
  • Products have been designed with the roofer in mind

For the Architect / Professional

  • Ensure roof ventilation requirements are met
  • Using products that are proven to work
  • Standard product installation

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