REVIEW - G-range Pipe Adapter

The pipe adapter should always be used with tile and slate ventilators.

It ensures that the roof underlay is cut and that there is a continuous permanent weatherproof path from the roof void to the outside without impairing the weatherproof function of the structure, in accordance with BS 5250.

Supplied separately, snap-fits to the ventilator and connects to Flexi Pipe to ensure an airtight connection complying with Building Regulations Approved Document H.
  • Simple to fit and install
  • Proven in use for over 15 years
  • Roof pitches over 12.5°
  • Durable and totally resistant to decay
  • A proven way of meeting requirements
  • Provides an airway between felt and insulation
  • Suitable for new build and refurbishment projects

For the Home Owner

  • Ventilation requirements met
  • Standard product installation for roofers

For the Roofer

  • Standard products
  • Products have been designed with the roofer in mind

For the Architect / Professional

  • Ensure roof ventilation requirements are met
  • Using products that are proven to work
  • Standard product installation

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