Circular Flat Roof Outlet

With flat roofs becoming more and more popular with Architects and Designers it is important to use the best products to finish your project. Flat roofs are notorious for giving issues if poorly constructed or if the incorrect products are used.

At NorthWest Aluminium we offer a full range of products to ensure the best possible finish to your flat roof.

Leaf guards and gravel excluders are required for circular roof outlets to prevent the hdpe drain pipe becoming blocked over time, leading to flooding. The leaf guard is inserted into the top of the hole. The serrated edges will grip onto the inside of the drain connector or outlet.

The junction between drain pipes and the holes cast into the slab are the areas most susceptible to water ingress, since the maximum amount of water run-off is coming into contact with them. It is essential that the deck structure is completely sealed around and into these details, to prevent leakage.
  • Easy to insall
  • Designed to be heat bonded for watertight finish
  • Can be used with leaf guards

For the Home Owner

  • Ventilation requirements met
  • Standard product installation for roofers

For the Roofer

  • Standard products
  • Products have been designed with the roofer in mind

For the Architect / Professional

  • Ensure roof ventilation requirements are met
  • Using products that are proven to work
  • Standard product installation

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