Kytun™ Aluminium Valley Trough

The Kytun™ Aluminium Dry Valley Troughs are an excellent alternative to lead. They are more cost-effective, tougher, and more resistant to accidental damage. The use of Kytun™ Aluminium Valley Troughs has significantly reduced installation time over traditional methods.

Kytun™ Aluminium Valleys provide a robust, durable and lightweight alternative to lead and zinc valleys. The Kytun™ Aluminium Trough is quick & easy to install in all weather conditions providing a neat, close cut and mitred finish.

The Kytun™Aluminium Valley Trough system is suitable for all types of applications. It is ideal for most types of roof designs that have a valley junction between two roof slopes. Designed as a cost-effective alternative to lead, the Kytun™ Aluminium Valley Trough is easy to fix, durable and lightweight which requires no special end closures. These Lead & GRP alternatives create a sleek and colour coded appearance on the roof and are ideal for both new build and refurbishment applications which can be used on both Slate & Tiled roofs.
  • Provides full wind uplift and rain protection (tested by BRE)
  • Little to no theft value
  • Quick & easy to install in all weather conditions.
  • Lightweight & durable.
  • Will not warp, crack or discolour.
  • Available in either slate grey or black.
  • Requires no maintenance once installed
  • Huge labour-saving costs/li>
  • Creates aesthetically pleasing clean valley appearance
  • 30 years ALU Range Warranty for Aluminium troughs

For the Home Owner

  • Maintenance free; does not require repairing over time.
  • Do not have to worry about mortar cracking & falling out over time.
  • Kytun™ Aluminium Valley Trough are more securely installed
  • Kytun™ Aluminium Valley Trough are powder coated which protects the valley - will stop rainwater
  • Sharp aesthetic appearance to match in with the complete build

For the Roofer

  • Can be installed in all-weather types, including rain, something which can't be done when using mortar
  • Dramatically speeds up the installation time, approximately 50% quicker than using mortar
  • Little to no theft value

For the Architect / Professional

  • Very simple and quick to install.
  • Made from high grade PPC Aluminium or GRP
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • 100% Fully Recyclable (aluminium products only)
  • Highest quality rapid dry fix system available
  • Conforms to BS 5534 requirements and NHBC guidelines
  • Clean aesthetic lines for sharp finish

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